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We Celebrate...

We are amazed and humbled that we have the privilege to play a part in the development of these beautiful little lives.   




  • Have a “playful magic” that comes from a deep love of working with children.


  • Love to create learning environments which draw kids in.


  • Are the owners, curriculum developers, and are with your child every day.


  • Exceed the Department of Early Learning requirements in most regards including continuing education for teachers.   


  • Are available, and love to communicate with parents through: daily notes, newsletters, chats at school, and parent/ teacher meetings.


  • Can’t wait to see those adorable faces each morning!!















One of the greatest compliments we receive from parents is that they treasure the community they build at our schools.  


We love building community through...


  • Community Events:  Graduation parties, parent meet and greet gatherings, mom’s spa days, all school picnics, and pony rides in the fall.


  • Fundraising:  Our students learn about the needs of others by raising money for the Muscular Dystrophy Association each spring.


  • Parent Connections:  We create an environment where parents easily meet each other, and often enjoy chatting before and after school. 








Here are just a few of the reasons we are so proud to be licensed:


  • Rigorous health and safety standards

  • Continuing child development training

  • CPR, First Aid, and Blood borne pathogen training

  • Thorough criminal background checks through the state patrol

  • High standards of emergency preparedness confirmed by annual fire marshal visits

  • Indoor and outdoor square footage per child requirements (which we exceed)

  • Food handlers permits


Many parents assume all or most local preschools are licensed. Unfortunately this is not the case.  If you are considering unlicensed schools, please visit the department of early learning web site for a list of questions to ask.  




At NannyBoo’s we intentionally and gently call attention to ways in which our students are different and the same.  This is essential to highlighting our beautiful and unique individuality, while honoring group identities.  As we learn about our student’s cultural identities, we strive to integrate those identities into classroom learning.  This is foundational when learning about issues of fairness, unfairness, empathy, and love. 



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