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Come Inside and Take a Look




Leslie Maeda

This is such an amazing school! I couldn't have asked for a better experience for my son! Boo and Eric (and their girls) are loving teachers who sincerely care about our children. They have taught my son so much about how to be a good friend and they taught me a lot too! I consider myself so lucky to have found NannyBoo's!

Chris Keadle

I can't say enough great things about this place. Boo and Eric are wonderful people and do an amazing job with the kids. My daughter loves it here and it is a perfect fit for her! If you are looking for a preschool for you kids you must give this place consideration!

Fred Northup

Both our kids went here, and it was life-changing. I can't imagine that there exists a better place to start your kid's educational lives. Teachers Eric and Boo are incredible. Truly, truly incredible.

Steven Abrahams

If you have a kid with PTSD you know how important a supportive school environment is help them gain courage. A year ago Jack barely spoke at school. Eric and Boo worked with him tirelessly to bring him out of his shell and made it possible for him to have an awesome start at his new school in Berkeley this year. How can we ever thank you Eric and Boo?

Jennifer Morales

Our youngest child went to NannyBoo's and had a wonderful experience. Teacher Boo and Teacher Eric are gentle and loving but also fun and encourage a natural curiosity with all the kids. Whether through music, gardening, outdoor play or lots of art, our child thrived! I only wish we'd learned of them earlier so our older son could have attended here as well.

Betsy Ribera

You couldn't ask for more committed, thoughtful, loving teachers than Boo and Eric. Walking into Nanny Boo's just feels like a big hug. Not only were all 3 of our boys incredibly happy there, we learned a lot about parenting from Boo and Eric. They care so deeply about each child and pay such close attention to each individual's talents and challenges. They were the first to notice that one of our sons has musical talent and that another has sensory issues. I cannot recommend them highly enough.

Lisa Eaton

Our daughter went to Nanny Boo's and we couldn't have dreamed of a better experience for her. Teacher Boo and Teacher Eric are so great at allowing each child to be unique. The children learn how to be friends, to have empathy, to dance and sing with joy. It is the perfect environment.


Chava Mirel

We are so grateful that we found Nannyboos preschool for our child! Boo and Eric's values-based curriculum impacted our whole family. Our child is now well-versed in the language of kindness and empathy. We are amazed at how equipped he is to make friends and communicate with others. We also love how they incorporated music into the curriculum, and devoted so much energy to nurturing the musical passions of our little drummer. Thank you so much Boo and Eric!

Derek Belt

Parents look and look and look for the right preschool for their kids, agonizing over which is the right fit. All you need to know about NannyBoo's is that I never, ever worried about my daughter while she was there, I always loved dropping her off and picking her up, I genuinely enjoyed hearing about the things she was learning because she was SOOOOO excited about it all, and I honestly couldn't be more impressed with her growth from the beginning of our school year to the end. Boo and Eric were made for this profession, and we can never thank them enough for the wonderful job they did teaching our daughter about music, about bugs and gravity, about caring for others, and of course being a good friend. One of the best decisions we ever made as parents, now and forever.

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