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An NannyBoo’s Pre-K…..


  • Kindergarten Readiness is approached as natural skill building rather than high pressured academics

  • We work with your child’s personality, learning preferences, interests and strengths and always have in mind - “What are they ready for next?”

  • We believe there are a myriad of ways for kids to show us what they know, and a myriad of ways to teach them new skills. “How does this child learn best?” is a wonderful thing for us to discover!

  • We have a passion for helping children get from point A to point B, and finding that doable, encouraging next step for each child.

  • In regards to Kindergarten Readiness, we begin with the end in mind. Using the Seattle Public Schools Kindergarten Readiness Guidelines, we understand the Social/Emotional, Physical, Language, Cognitive, Literacy, Math, and Personal Skills

Integrated Learning

  • Measured Growth and Achievement - Kindergarten Readiness Standards - Continual Growth and Development - Beginning with the End in Mind. Scaffolding. Growth without Pressure. Guidance and Opportunity and envisioning next steps. Differentiated Learning.  Presentations, Interactive Activities - Backboards vs. Blackboards, Cheering one another on in


  • I am goal oriented and streamline communication, structure, objectives

  • I am an encourager and love to set people up for success

  • I value people’s time, and our time together and I like to maximize impact

  • I teach from the inside out and like to engage kids and draw out their ideas, questions, feelings about a subject - what do they think about things? Where are they coming from?

  • Highly reflective

  • Create immersive space - dive into a topic, broader and deeper connections

  • Believe in creations vs. crafts, use of tools

  • Client centered but intentional.

  • Kindergarten Readiness Standards in mind - but we can teach these standards is a multitude of ways

  • Integrated curriculum

  • Whole brain, whole body, whole experience learning

  • Intentional community

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